Setup Electron

Electron allows developers to build cross-platform desktop apps with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. Electron can run on Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Automatic Install

There is no automatic setup available for Electron.

Manual Install

In order to build Lime applications using Electron, you must install Node.js and Electron.

Download Node.js and run the installer.

Then, open a command-prompt or terminal and run the following command to install Electron globally:

npm install -g electron

Build & Run

To compile an Electron application, run lime build electron.

To compile and launch an Electron application with one command, run lime test electron.

Using JavaScript libraries

To use an external JavaScript library with Lime, you need Haxe externs. See also Haxe: Using external JavaScript libraries.

Members of the Haxe community have already created open source externs for a number of popular JavaScript libraries, so be sure to search Haxelib or Github to see if JS externs exist for your library before you try to create your own.

Help & Forums

If you encounter any problems when setting up Lime for Electron, please visit the forums or Discord.

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