Setup HashLink

HashLink is a cross-platform virtual machine for Haxe. It is often used by Lime and OpenFL developers as an alternative to compiling to native C++.

Automatic Install

HashLink is included in Lime, and no additional setup is necessary to use this version on most platforms.

On macOS specifically, you will have to run lime setup hashlink if you want to use the HashLink debugger. However, this step isn’t needed simply to compile and run apps.

Manual Install

If building HashLink from source or using a HashLink release other than the one included in Lime, run lime setup hashlink to let Lime know where you put it. To change this path or go back to the bundled version of HashLink, run lime setup hashlink again.

Build & Run

To compile a HashLink application, run lime build hl. Add the -debug option to create a debug build. Add the -release option to create a release build.

To compile and launch a HashLink application with one command, run lime test hl.


If you encounter any problems when setting up Lime for HashLink, please visit the forums.

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